Friday, October 3, 2014

Burning Man 2014 Caravansary

Burning Man 2014 Caravansary Photos

"I am trying to find myself. Sometimes that's not easy." - MM

This year on playa was a particularly personal one for me.  By personal I mean that I felt like I was between a Black Rock and a hard place for most of my 10 days there, and it became an interpersonal journey; one that I was not expecting.

This year I got 4 of us early passes, and we shot a video.  It will be a follow-up to the large scale art project & documentation of it that I work on last year (SOURCE Maui CORE Effigy 2013).  I also shot & experienced ARC (Asteroid Response Center), an interactive installation in center camp involving talking asteroids created by a quartet of Maui's most revered artists (Jerry Isdale, Lorayne Love, Bennet Yashon, & Carey Yashon aka Cudra Clover).

I had the pleasure of shooting some of my DJ friends, mainly Afro Q Ben & Lou E. Bagels.  I missed a few too, but that's playa for you.  We camped with the Dirty Beetles on Sunset Trip, and I made sure to take some nice shots of their Beetle art cat, The Boogaloo.  A bunch of us had an unforgettable ride on the Boog on Burn day.  It was one of the highlights of my Burning Man experiences in my three years of attending.

We built the Disco Den.  My back went our for several days, so I only took instant photos.  I gave out tons of instant photos as I do every year, and we visited a group calling themselves "The Possible Project" (a play on the instant film manufacturer, The Impossible Project), and got an instant photo gift from someone else.

As a photographer at Burning Man your shooting commitments help guide you through your path on playa, as does every decision you make out there.  Some things you have control over, and some things you don't, but all your experiences shape your photo set.  This was my year at Burning Man 2014.  Please enjoy the photos.

I used 5 cameras, big & small, to capture this year's festivities.

The Disco Den
 Building the Disco Den

 Raising the Hawaiian Flag

 Behind-the-scenes shot from this year's video.
 Emily During Build
 Disco Den Daytime Fisheye

 Afro Q Ben & Jon from Fort Knox Five at Funkytown.

 "My friends are dirtier than yours."
 The Boogaloo

 The Dusty Rhino

 Lou E. Bagels

 General Squirrel at The Cabana Club
 Center Camp at Night
Emily Kunz, Superfood Chef

 The ARC (Asteroid Response Center)

 Fun aboard the Boogaloo!
 Because being yourself is cool...

 The Post Office

 The Capitol Wreckers Stage at the Sunset Trip

 Me & the General

 Bubbles & Bass...
 Robot Heart...

 Wouldn't be a Burn without bacon...

 Pickle Back!

All photos have been approved by Burning Man.